About Me


My interest in lighting was first piqued at the age of eight, when I was watching a children’s entertainer while on holiday. I was completely transfixed by the colourful patterns of the lights, to the extent that I started up my own party business at home for close family and friends. This grew into a small-scale events company based in Cambridge, which I continued to nurture and grow through the years. 

I remember childhood trips to Walt Disney World, where I became enthralled by the ability of lighting to tell a story, transporting guests into vastly different worlds (little did I know that a few years into the future, this would become my place of work for the summer!) I knew at this point that what I desired the most was to follow a storytelling-focussed career.

Fast-forward a few years to 2016 and I was moving away from the quiet rural life of Cambridgeshire to the non-stop lifestyle of London! 3 years later, and I graduated from Rose Bruford College with a First Class BA (Hons) degree in Lighting Design. 

After graduation, I took a job as a Lighting Designer for Imagination - a company specialising in large-scale events and experiential projects. Following a year with the company, I started working as a Lighting Designer on a freelance basis on a diverse range of projects from a Theme Park in Poland to an entertainment offering aboard an international Cruise Ship!

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